Is Your Soul Calling You to Become a Healer?

Perform powerful and effective healing work for yourself and others by learning and mastering Reiki.

  • Connect with and develop your natural intuitive gifts and innate healing abilities.

  • Deepen your spiritual connection with the universal life force (Reiki) and all living things

  • Attain and maintain greater levels of physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing

  • Dive deep into your own healing, self-love and acceptance, and personal transformation

  • Provide powerful Reiki healing energy and support to assist your family, pets and friends

  • Explore career opportunities as a certified traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner, Master and Teacher

Answer Your Calling to Help Our World Heal as a Reiki Practitioner and Master/Teacher

If you want to receive high-quality Reiki training and become certified as a Reiki Practitioner and Master/Teacher—without spending a fortune or waiting many months or even years to complete the process—you’re in the right place!

By enrolling in New Earth Healing Academy’s Traditional Usui Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher training, you can:

  • Dive deep into the realm of healing and transformation and emerge as a powerful, confident energy healer and Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Enjoy the core training on our beautiful course platform with a variety of media—video, audio and PDF manuals—all taught by a 20+-year Usui Reiki Master/Teacher from the UK

  • Receive ongoing support, personal Reiki attunements and twice-monthly live Reiki healing and Q&A sessions from energy healer and Reiki Master/Teacher Heather Mandel

  • Join our private Facebook community where fellow healers gather to continue learning and offer mutual support on our shared journey

  • Complete the training at your own pace and receive unlimited access to the training materials and weekly Reiki healing and Q&A sessions going forward

Reiki Level l, ll & Master/Teacher
Course Curriculum

Everything You Need to Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Master/Teacher

Plus, You Get These Great Bonuses

Bonuses and course certificates are delivered following the 30-day money-back guarantee period and/or after full payment has been received.

  • Bonus #1

    Advanced energy healing tools and techniques incorporating yoga, mental imagery, Native American shamanism, quantum physics and more, taught by Heather Mandel

  • Bonus #2

    Health, nutrition and fitness tips from Super Health Coach Paul Thomas to help you clear heavy energy and promote the flow of Reiki healing energy

  • Bonus #3

    Full, core-curriculum Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher training materials (video, audio and PDF manuals) and business materials to help you get started with your own Reiki practice and school

Your Reiki Guide, Heather Mandel

Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Author

As an energy healer, I’ve facilitated miraculous healings for my clients, family members and friends—helping them with things like dissolving cysts that were going to have to be surgically removed, fusing torn tendons back together, transforming negative core beliefs, healing long-standing emotional challenges, and more. I firmly believe that miracles like these are our birthrights, and that anyone can learn to channel energy for healing.

I’ve also enjoyed a career as a writer for world-class companies, built a successful home-based business, written a children’s novel, and lived in beautiful places like Sedona, Arizona. I’m married to my soul mate Paul, and enjoy wonderful friendships with people I adore.

However, along the way, I had to overcome severe childhood traumas, self-empower, learn to love myself unconditionally and transform my life. And how I did that was through the beautiful world of energy healing, personal development and mind-body-spirit exploration.

I'm excited to serve you through our Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher Online Training and Certification Program and hope you'll join me on this beautiful path. Our world greatly needs your healing gifts. I'm here to support you in fulfilling your calling and mission, and warmly welcome to New Earth Healing Academy!

What People Are Saying

about Working with Heather

Kameron, Ladera Ranch, CA

Highly Intuitive, Focused and Effective

Kameron, Ladera Ranch, CA

My husband has suffered from night terrors since he was a teenager. Nothing he has tried has ever alleviated them. Heather gave him some affirmations and intentions to say before going to sleep and did distance Reiki on him. Within two weeks his night terrors had completely dissipated. I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Heather to anyone seeking healing for any areas of their lives. She is highly intuitive, focused and effective in getting to the root cause of issues and helping you eliminate them. I am totally confident in Heather’s ability to help me and my family with any issue that might arise. She’s truly gifted.
—Brooke, Boulder, CO

Highest Level of Integrity

—Brooke, Boulder, CO

I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different healers and different healing modalities over the last 13 years and I can say without a doubt that Heather embodies what it means to allow spirit to work through you. She is in tune with a higher consciousness and with a healing energy that is not only powerful but incredibly effective. Her work is done with the highest level of integrity and that comes through in the healing she delivers to you. It was a beautiful gift to receive and I look forward to working with her again.”
—Linda, Australia

A God-given Talent for Inspiring Others

—Linda, Australia

Heather has a God-given talent for inspiring others through her mastery of language and her deep intuition and wisdom. No matter how messy you think your life is, how damaged and incompetent you feel, Heather will help you make sense of it and take essential steps towards achieving your goals. She’s eminently qualified for the job, because she’s been there and done it.
—Erin, Phoenix, AZ

A Mountain of Change

—Erin, Phoenix, AZ

You’re awesome. Thanks for believing so steadfastly in me and my progressive change. I’ve definitely proven to myself that I have a number of really respectable attributes, which for me is a mountain of change. Thanks for being so responsive, and receptive.”

Why Should You Consider Learning Reiki with New Earth Healing Academy?

Our course is one the most comprehensive Reiki I, II Master/Teacher Trainings available—and most importantly, it’s true to the original teachings of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. When you complete our training, you will join the lineage of Reiki Master/Teachers that originated with Usui himself.

And along the way, you’ll receive plenty of loving support from people who are devoted to this amazing, transformational healing path.

With Many Low-Cost, Online Reiki Trainings, You Often Get:

  • No personal distance attunements (or only automatic group distance attunements)

  • Limited access (course platform access only) to ask an instructor questions

  • No live group Reiki healing sessions led by an instructor

  • Sometimes thousands of students and very limited personal attention, if any

With New Earth Healing Academy, You Get a World of Difference:

  • Individual, personal distance attunements by appointment

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions in addition to discussion inside the course platform

  • Live group Reiki healing sessions included with weekly Q&A

  • A reasonable fee and limited student enrollment to ensure proper support

Why Online Reiki Training? Because Many In-Person Trainings:

  • Are packed into two weekends or five days total, making retention of information challenging

  • Are infused with ideas and energies beyond the traditional, authentic Mikao Usui Reiki teachings

  • Necessitate that you wait at least 6 months between Reiki I/II and Master/Teacher trainings

  • Offer only printed manuals as training materials, not addressing many people's learning preferences and needs for video and/or audio

  • Offer limited-to-zero access to your Reiki Master/Teacher if you have questions or need support after the training

  • Cost a total of $1,500 or more in training fees

  • May require travel and thus additional, significant expenses

  • Provide no training or business materials to assist you in starting your practice or school

New Earth Healing Academy’s Online Reiki Training Provides:

  • On-demand training that you can complete comfortably at your own pace to help you better retain the information

  • Pure, simple, traditional Usui Reiki teachings and energy attunements

  • No imposed timeframe to achieve your training and career goals

  • A variety of training media to accommodate different learning preferences (video, audio, PDF)

  • Ongoing access to a Reiki Master/Teacher and experienced energy healer following your training

  • A lower fee than in-person trainings

  • No travel required—complete your training wherever you wish (and save travel costs)

  • Full, core-curriculum training materials (video, audio, PowerPoints and manuals) as well as business materials (brochure and business card templates, intake and consent forms) to help you get up and running with your own Reiki practice and school

Our Reiki Training Features:

  • Lifetime access to materials and updates

  • Authentic, traditional Usui certificate of completion

  • 5 hours of video (also provided in audio format for your convenience)

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • Personal Reiki distance attunements by Heather Mandel

  • Twice-monthly live Reiki healing and Q&A sessions with Heather

  • Private Facebook community

  • Core-curriculum training materials and business materials for your own practice and school

  • Advanced healing tools and techniques from other disciplines

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our Goal is to Make Sure You Have a Great Experience!

This training comes with a rock-solid, risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any time during the first 30 days you feel that this course isn’t for you, simply email us at for a full refund.


About the Practice of Reiki

  • What is Reiki?

    Reiki is a type of alternative healing therapy. It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. The word can be broken down into two meanings. “Rei” means God’s wisdom or higher power. “Ki” is the life force energy. When combined, Reiki is typically translated as "universal life force energy."

  • How Does Reiki Work?

    Reiki practitioners place their hands just above or lightly on the body while channeling universal life-force energy. They can also perform Reiki remotely using distance Reiki techniques, as universal life-force energy transcends time and space. Some keys to effectively performing Reiki include a pure intention to serve as a channel for the energy and the understanding that the recipient is the true healer. The results of a Reiki session can include relaxation, balancing and detoxification of the mind and body, as well as the healing of imbalances.

  • Who Can Benefit From Reiki?

    Everyone can benefit from Reiki no matter their health condition. Even people who are seemingly healthy and happy can have a sense of peace and balance thanks to Reiki.

  • Where does Reiki energy come from?

    Reiki means “universal life-force energy.” Life-force energy is all around us and within us--it is the fabric of life itself. When we are connected to the Reiki energy, which we do by simple, focused intention, we place our awareness on connecting this energy within us to that which is all around us, and we intend for that energy to be guided by a higher power and wisdom to heal the energetic imbalances in our recipient according to their highest good.

  • How long does it take to finish the course and become a Reiki Master?

    It is recommended to take your time and learn everything you need to learn in each lesson. It is really up to you how fast you progress.

  • How Can Reiki Help You Emotionally?

    Reiki not only can heal you physically, it can also heal you emotionally. One of the most powerful effects of Reiki is that it can enhance your capability to give and receive love and to empathize as it helps you to deeply connect with people. It can help strengthen and heal your personal relationships. Reiki helps us cultivate inner peace and harmony, the essential qualities of spiritual growth. It can also ‘cleanse’ and clear toxic emotions.

  • How Can Reiki Help Mentally?

    People deal with stress on a daily basis. It can drain the body to the point of fatigue as well as create negative feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Reiki has the power to help remove stress from the mind and tension from the body. Its calming and peaceful techniques help clear the mind and relax the body. If you deal with anxiety or stress, try Reiki.

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Perform powerful and effective healing work for yourself and others by learning and mastering the energy healing modality of Reiki.

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