The New Earth Healing Academy Mission

We're Here to Support the Creators of the New Earth

Are you ready to awaken your gifts, transform your life, and fulfill your calling to help our world heal and shift into a new era of peace and wellbeing? If so, you’re in the right place. It’s our joy to support you with decades of healing and personal growth knowledge, tools, and training as you step into the life your heart and soul are calling you to create.

How You'll Benefit By Joining the New Earth Healing Academy

  • Caring Community

    Be part of an awesome community of like-minded students who share your passion for transformational work. Share your love and support and make new friends!

  • Outstanding Support

    Get best-in-class customer support from devoted instructors who truly care about your goals and success. Regular, live Q&A and energy healing sessions included!

  • Transformative Tools

    Learn and master some of the most powerful energy healing and mind-body tools, philosophies, and techniques available. Heal and soar like never before!

New Earth Healing Academy Courses

Designed to Help You Transform Your Life on Every Level

Some of the Amazing Things You'll Learn

  • Embrace your God-given abilities to heal yourself and help others heal.

  • Clear physical, mental and emotional energy blockages to feel lighter, freer and happier.

  • Alchemize life’s toughest trials and challenges and emerge as a victor vs. a victim.

  • Work miracles of intention, change your reality, and experience yourself as a powerful creator.

  • Learn tools and techniques for energy healing and personal transformation, and become a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.

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